Historical British documents reveal Chinese oppression in East Turkistan is not something new

Historical British Foreign Office documents reveal that Chinese oppression in East Turkistan is not something new. The East Turkistan Government in Exile published on its website excerpts from a British Foreign Office report on East Turkistan dating back to 1934. The British Foreign office report reveals that China’s oppression of the Uyghurs and other Turkic people are not something new and that prior to the Chinese Communist invasion and occupation of East Turkistan in December 1949, other Chinese forces including the Republic of China and its Guomindang (Nationalist Party) along with Hui (Chinese Muslims) had also sought to occupy and colonize East Turkistan.

You can view excerpts from the British Foreign Office report here: https://east-turkistan.net/excerpts-from-the-british-foreign-offices-report-on-the-east-turkistan-republic-1934/

ETNAM firmly believes that without restoring complete independence to East Turkistan, there is no way to truly safeguard and ensure the basic human rights and freedoms of East Turkistan’s native Turkic population.