China's Gulag Archipelago in East Turkistan

According to US Department of Defense, some 3 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and other Turkic peoples in East Turkistan were sent to Concentration Camps. We believe that when including those being held in prisons and labor camps, the number of people detained is much higher.



National Independence

ETNAM firmly believes that without restoring East Turkistan’s national independence, we cannot truly preserve the existence of East Turkistan and its people, let alone safeguard their basic human rights and religious freedoms. Thus, ETNAM is fully committed to peacefully struggling to restore East Turkistan’s independence, whilst adhering to the principles of non-violence.



One of the fundamental missions of ETNAM is to expose China’s brutal campaign of genocide in East Turkistan and to shut down China’s concentration camps. Ultimately, our goal is to end China’s brutal ongoing campaign of genocide, colonization, and occupation in East Turkistan, with the support of the wider Free World.


Women's Rights

ETNAM is fully committed to the preservation and advancement of Women’s Rights, both in East Turkistan and throughout our diaspora community. We are especially focused on documenting and opposing China’s violations of women’s rights in East Turkistan in order to bring an end to the systematic rape and trauma perpetrated by China and its Occupation forces.


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ETNAM is powered almost entirely by volunteers. Volunteers are an essential part of the work that takes place at ETNAM and are vital to our strength as an organization and our effectiveness in fighting for East Turkistan’s independence.
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