Uyghurs and other East Turkistanis across the world gathered this past week, holding demonstrations and other events to remember the 10th Anniversary of the 2009 Urumchi Massacre. The overwhelming majority of East Turkistanis realize that without political rights they cannot have real human rights. Thus, they called on the FreeRead More →

We call on all our supporters to sign the petition to President Donald Trump to urge him to STOP Pursuing a Trade Deal with the Brutal, Authoritarian, Illegitimate Chinese Communist Regime. Recent years have seen a brutal crackdown on freedoms in China & its occupied territories, inc. Hong Kong, EastRead More →

The Censored Speech given by ETNAM’s Founder, Salih Hudayar, on June 4, 2019 in front of the U.S. State Department. Full text: Dear fellow East Turkistanis and friends in the free world, Eid Mubarak. 30 years ago, the people of Communist controlled China, Occupied East Turkistan, Occupied Tibet, Occupied SouthRead More →

Press Release – For Immediate ReleaseJune 4, 2019Contact: East Turkistan National Awakening Movement (202) 489-0740 or Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s brutal arrest and murder of thousands of innocent democracy activists, including Uyghurs and other East Turkistanis, who gathered in Tiananmen Square to peacefully demandRead More →

EWTN‘s coverage of the peaceful demonstration in front of the US Treasury Department organized by East Turkistan National Awakening Movement & the East Turkistan Government in Exile. East Turkistanis protested against the Chinese Trade Delegation and China’s 21st Century Genocide in Occupied East Turkistan. Protestors called on The Whitehouse – Washinton DC to STOPRead More →

It may be the only massacre in human history that began with State-forced mass abortions. It happened almost 30 years ago in Chinese-occupied East Turkistan. But in a way, it’s a massacre that still continues to this day. We are talking about the Baren Massacre, a horror most Americans haveRead More →