Shake Up In East Turkistan: Major Companies Are Lobbing On The China Forced Labor Bill In Congress

The below article was published by The Westside Gazette, photo credit: ETNAM

A brewing struggle has reached a tipping point as of this year, 2020 with East Turkistan and China. And it all stems from big companies in the US and illegal slave trading.

Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola have been accused of racketeering with Chinese businesses for their products, that are being made under illegal slave labor by Uyghur men and women.

This comes as a new congress bill is being passed. This bill—the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act—would ban goods made in the form of forced labor in Xinjiang, China, and crack down on human rights violations to the Uyghur minorities. The bill has Bipartisan support and has the potential to be passed before this year is over.

This bill is being heavily pushed by Prime Minister of East Turkistan Government-in-Exile, Salih Hudayar.

He explains that the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) revealed a report of work abuse. In 2006, as part of the 11th five-year-plan in China, there would be a transfer of over 400,000 Uyghur women from 16 to 25-year-old to work as access labor in China. They would produce products for companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Nike to name a few.

Mr. Hudayar states that this is part of China’s systematic plan to wipe out the Uyghur future generations through false promises of development. Instead, it’s restrictions to the residents of the land with none for the Chinese, purposefully planted disease to kill of the majority, nuclear testing, and mistreatment of a marginalized group for the sake of control.

“It’s all a ploy to make China the strongest nation over all others.” Says Hudayar. “They set up colonies that end up taking over the strategic points of those lands and purge anyone that resist them. It has happened in other places of the world. China has taken over East Turkistan since 1949 but Uyghurs have resisted for a long time.”

How this ties in to the slave labor is through China’s concentration camps set up in Xinjiang. They drill military concepts and obedience into their workers, before selling them off to factories for un-paid labor. These factories then make mass product to overseas companies: aka Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, etc.

Despite word of these companies fighting the bill, Apple released a statement in support of the Uyghur Force Labor Prevention Act, followed by other companies being in support as well.

“Clearly, they’re protecting their profits.” Hudayar explained. “They’re making excuses to weaken the bill and allow themselves to get away with it. They tell the media that they’re not doing this, but there is evidence that they are using China as their suppliers with forced labor. In the end, the companies don’t care about the average people. They only care about their profits.”

Hudayar runs down what changes will take place if the bill passes. The companies would have to prove that their goods are not being made with forced labor through auditing. A lot of Uyghurs have been used as unpaid, abused workers, who were bought from concentration camps. Now the burden will be on the big companies to prove that they are not in connection to slave trades with Chinese companies. Major repercussions would be put into place, and many share-holders would possibly be out of their positions of power.  This would also be a major blow for China, as they would have to hire actual people and pay them, rather than use them as slaves. The Xinjiang Production & Construction Corp (XPCC) who control major investments around the world, will be hit the hardest upon this bill’s passing.

“It will shake major supply chains like Apple and Nike.” Hudayar explained. “They would be forced to seek other alternatives outside China, which will hurt the Chinese infostructure, as they will no longer be able to spend as many resources as possible to oppress the Uyghur people. The only way to truly end the abuse of the Uyghur people is for them (Uyghur) to regain their independence.”

We will see more results from the bill later on this month. Salih Hudayar is confident that he will continue to fight for the lives of his people in the coming New year; stating, “This is our final stand. We must make it count.”

Salih’s plan is to have the United States recognize Eastern Turkistan as an occupied country.