Network of Chinese Concentration Camps for Uighurs Uncovered

Map of East Turkistan (what China calls “Xinjiang”), produced by ETNAM researchers, Identifying some 124 suspected concentration camps,193 prisons, 66 Bingtuan labor camps, and at least 37 military facilities.

Open source project finds 124 camps where Uighurs forcibly ‘reeducated’

The Washington Free Beacon’s Bill Gertz Reports: 

China’s crackdown on ethnic Uighurs in the western part of the country includes a vast network of at least 124 concentration camps along with scores of labor camps and prisons, according to a dissident Uighur group.

U.S. officials say there are also indications that China is expanding the use of the concentration camps in East Turkistan (“Xinjiang” Province) where at least 1 million people are being held, and as many as 3 million are part of a forced “reeducation” program by the Chinese government.

Researchers with the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, a relatively new Uighur independence group, discovered the new camps during a nine-month open source intelligence gathering project that utilized commercial satellite images and reports people in the region.

The camps are part of a Chinese Communist Party program to snuff out independence movements and any opposition to Beijing rule using mass incarceration and forced ideological indoctrination.

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