Joint Open Letter to the United Nations and Governments of the Free World

October 1st, 2019 | UN Headquarters, New York City

Gathered here today are people representing East Turkistan, Tibetan, Manchurian, South Mongolian, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and nations throughout Central Asia, the Indo-Pacific, and the greater Free World, as well as people of faith, including Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and practitioners of Falun Gong/Falun Dafa, and others.

We are here to protest 70 years of the Communist Chinese Party-State, its murder of millions, its brutal human rights atrocities, including the destruction of sacred religious sites, construction of concentration camps, its genocidal population control policies, its horrendous practice of human organ harvesting, its imprisonment of people of conscience and political dissidents, and in many cases, its occupation of our Homelands and/or threats to our sovereignty.

In the cases of the aforementioned captive nations of East Turkistan, Tibet, Manchuria, South Mongolia, and Hong Kong, we remind you that the Chinese regime signed the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights on October 5th, 1998. Article 1 of that treaty states:

“All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

Since signing that Treaty, China has continually made a mockery of it in nearly every way, and so we implore you to hold China to account for its abrogation of this and other commitments. Moreover, on December 10th of this Year, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70 years old. China’s Communist Party has similarly failed to live up to its commitments under the UDHR, yet the nations of the Free World turn a blind eye towards this in the greedy pursuit of Chinese money.

We are here calling on you, nations of the Free World, to support us in our cause. We are asking for you to take swift and decisive measures in support of our human rights and our political rights. Such measures included punitive tariffs, human rights sanctions, national boycotts of Chinese goods, institutional divestment from Chinese stocks, visa bans, the expulsion of Chinese diplomats who are openly denying the CCP’s human rights abuses, formal demarches, and other economic and legal measures as you see fit.

In 70 years, the world will look back on the choices you make today. Will history judge you harshly for your silence in the face of these atrocities, or will monuments be built to celebrate the decisions you make to support democracy and human rights?

We, the aforementioned people, and our friends and allies throughout the world, ask you to do one simple thing: ask yourselves what you can do to help the 1.4 billion people suffering under this brutal regime, and the billions more threatened by it, and then ACT. In particular, we ask that you recognize our nations as captive nations or occupied territories, and recognize the current situation, especially in East Turkistan, as a genocide.

Signed by,

Chushi Gangdruk
East Turkistan National Awakening Movement
Federation of Turkish American Associations
Free Kazaksh organization
Free Southern Mongolia
Keep Taiwan Free
Students for a Free Tibet
Taiwanese American Association of New York
Tibetan Youth Congress
US Tibet Committee

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