ETNAM: Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Announcement Comes After Immense Pressure by East Turkistanis and Their Allies.

Full Script (English):

“To my fellow East Turkistanis, and to our friends & allies around the globe,
I am pleased to announce the first success stemming from our landmark petition to the White House, which garnered some 107,000 signatures.
Today, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced that it will no longer be selling DNA sequencers to Chinese forces in Occupied East Turkistan. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Massachusetts-based company said, “We recognize the importance of considering how our products and services are used—or may be used—by our customers.” We applaud their mature response to the concerns that we, Senator Rubio, & others have raised. Their shareholders should thank them.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported, in December 2017, that China’s Communist Party is aiming to collect 100 million fully-sequenced human genomes by 2020. ChinaMil – the official English news website of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s – announced the opening of the China National GeneBank (CNGB) with glee in 2016. The fact that a Chinese military website carried this news indicates that these DNA samples are not being collected for benign law enforcement purposes. We have reason to believe that China is using, or is intending to use, these DNA samples for military purposes.
ETNAM will continue to work hard to pressure companies who are facilitating China’s human rights atrocities to stop their collaborationist activities, & we will continue to pressure governments around the world to enact strong export controls to protect the people of East Turkistan.

Through your support of our hard work, we have helped to achieve the first in what will be many victories. All companies who are selling advanced science & technology products & services to China’s forces in Occupied East Turkistan should be on notice: ETNAM & its allies will seek to hold you & your shareholders responsible if your products or services in any way facilitate China’s human rights atrocities.

Thank You.

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