Venezuela crisis: Diplomat to US defects from Maduro Venezuela’s top military representative to the US has defected from Nicolás Maduro’s government. Col José Luis Silva says he now recognises opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president instead. Mr Guaidó declared himself “acting president” on Wednesday, gaining the backing of several countriesRead More →

Video: Uyghur Children Indoctrinated in Camps With one million minority Uyghur Muslims detained for re-education, what becomes of their children? They are locked in “schools” of Han Chinese propaganda. The children of the detained Uyghur parents are kept in so-called Loving Heartkindergartens and schools in Xinjiang. They undergo full-time supervision and receiveRead More →

No religious repression in China’s Xinjiang: ‘Iron brother’ Pakistan A senior Pakistani diplomat said there is no cultural and religious repression in Xinjiang province, amid mounting international criticism about China’s decision to hold members of Muslim Uyghur community inside camps, which Beijing says are vocational training institutes. Pakistan’s support ofRead More →

US turns down China offer of preparatory trade talks The Trump administration rejected an offer by two Chinese vice-ministers to travel to the US this week for preparatory trade talks because of a lack of progress on two important issues, highlighting the difficulty that Washington and Beijing will face inRead More →

China posts slowest economic growth since 1990 Hong Kong (CNN Business)China’s economy grew at its slowest pace in almost three decades last year. The world’s second biggest economy expanded 6.6% in 2018, according to official data published Monday. That’s the weakest annual performance since 1990.Chinese growth has lost momentum following government effortsRead More →

US pushing China to OK regular review of any trade deal Trump administration’s trade negotiators are pushing China to accept a deal that would allow the White House to institute new tariffs if it decides that Beijing is not living up to other commitments in that agreement. The provision wouldRead More →

China threatens reprisals if Canada bans Huawei from its 5G networks China will retaliate if Ottawa bans Huawei Technologies from supplying gear for its next-generation 5G mobile networks over espionage concerns, the country’s envoy said on Thursday, as he called the arrest of a company executive a “backstabbing” betrayal ofRead More →

China, Russia Warn ‘Arms Race’ Due to U.S. Missile Plan Chinese and Russian officials have warned of a potential arms race breaking out in response to the new missile defense plan introduced by the United States.   President Donald Trump introduced the 2019 Missile Defense Review on Thursday, vowing toRead More →

Top 10 Challenges That Communist China Will Face in 2019 In his 2019 New Year address, China’s paramount leader Xi Jinping used one key word that didn’t appear in his 2018 New Year address: “challenges.” He also used a famous slogan from the Mao Zedong era, at a time when communistRead More →