Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Dr. Mamitimin Ala – Policy Advisor (Australia)

Dr. Mamtimin Ala is the President of the Australian Uyghur Association and holds a PhD in Philosophy from  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He is one of the most respected Uyghur academics in the East Turkistani diaspora and has spent much of his life advocating for the freedom and fundamental rights of the people of East Turkistan. He has published numerous academic articles on the issue of Uyghur nation and East Turkistan. Originally from Atush, East Turkistan, Dr. Ala has lived in exile in Australia since 2010.

Dr. Talip Atajan – Financial Advisor (USA)

Dr. Talip Atajan is currently a  Professor of Mathematics at community college in Northern Virginia and holds a PhD in Mathematics from Tokyo Denki University. He has spent much of his life engaged in advocacy for the fundamental rights and freedoms for the people of East Turkistan. Originally from Chochek, East Turkistan, Dr. Atajan has lived in exile in the United States since 2009. 

Dr. Maria Sliwa – Public Relations Advisor (USA)

Maria Sliwa is the president of Freedom Now Communications, Inc. and M. Sliwa Public Relations. As a press agent for the Sudan Campaign, she played a significant role in publicizing the genocide, slavery, and rape of civilians in Sudan and Darfur. In 1999, she launched and managed an internet news service, Freedom Now News, focusing on international human rights issues with over 100,000 subscribers. She continues to gain attention for human rights projects, activists and authors.

Ms. Sliwa is known for her expertise in human rights reportage. Her reporting and activism helped convince the states of New York and New Jersey to divest from Talisman Energy of Canada, an oil company that was complicit in the Government of Sudan’s genocidal war against its own population. In addition to her extensive work in Sudan and Uganda, she has covered the self-immolation of Tibetans and the plight of Richard Wurmbrand, an activist who spent fourteen years in imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania.

Ms. Sliwa is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, New York University and Montclair State University. Before launching Freedom Now Communications Inc., she worked as a New York City undercover police officer.  She is the sister of renowned author, Aleta St. James, and WABC radio host and founder of the Alliance of Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa.